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Do you want to learn how you can consciously self-regulate your own biology through the power of your brain and nervous system?

In this guide, Cathleen King, DPT, gives you a thorough overview of both the science and approach to self-healing for chronic illness and chronic stress related conditions.

  • Cell Danger Response Theory, the Autonomic Nervous System, Polyvagal Theory, and the Limbic System

  • Somatic healing, the vagus nerve, and why you need more than brain retraining to sustain healing

  • What Cathleen King learned from her own healing journey, from being chronically ill and bed bound with chronic Lyme, CFS, POTS, mold toxicity, Panic Disorder, anxiety, and multiple chronic diagnoses, to living a full life and leading 8000+ people through her revolutionary self-healing program

  • How she was a way-shower, combining both top-down and bottom-up healing modalities, melding functional neurology exercises, vagus nerve toning, neuroplasticity, and somatic healing

  • Insights and a full, comprehensive break-down and explanation of the Primal Trust™ membership, the original platform for combining brain retraining, somatics, vagus nerve toning, and trauma healing

Plus 5 powerful self-regulation exercises, including a guided somatic meditation audio, for you to start your own journey today!

Learn the art of brain retraining, somatic healing, and true self-discovery, and you too can experience How Healing Happens...