Have a Primal Trust™ Mentor Lead You Through 12 Weeks of Transformation

In these intimate, mentor-led groups, we will do a deep dive into the Primal Trust™ content each week, over 12 weeks. In the sessions, we will summarize the module/class, practice as a group and then open up for Q&A.

Each participant will have the opportunity to ask questions in each session. These groups are experiential; we will be using several tools each session and will ask for volunteers for 1-1 work.

This is an excellent way to stay accountable to the material, improve overall outcomes, co-regulate and get 1-1 time with a mentor for a lower overall cost.

For the duration of the group, you will also have access to a dedicated Signal group with a mentor who will provide resources and encouragement in between sessions.

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What's the difference between Experiential Journey Groups, Integration Classes and Study Groups?

Covers modules in order

Next Groups Starting:


Start Dates:

Level 1 with Niki on Wednesdays at 8:15am PST
Begins Wednesday, March 6th 2024 
8:15am PST // 11:15am EST // 4:15pm GMT



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Start Dates:

Level 2 with Simona on Tuesdays at 10am PST
Begins Tuesday, March 26th 2024
10am PST // 1pm EST // 5pm GMT*


*Please note! For the first week, due to daylight savings changes, the time in the U.K./Europe will be different. From Tuesday, April 2nd, the time will revert to 6pm BST. Please check for your relevant time zone.



  • Up to 20 members per group
  • Weekly 75-minute sessions for 12 weeks
  • Online via Zoom
  • Dedicated Discussion Forum with Mentor
  • $480 for 12 weeks - Two payment options available
  • No new entries are accepted after the first group session commences
  • Payment is non-refundable and can be transferred to another Primal Trust™ Member only before the first class

Join the Primal Trust™ membership and then purchase your additional Experiential Journey Group on our platform inside the membership, via the Journey Groups page.


"Having live, intimate guidance, a weekly anchor, and a small community of peers to walk through this work with has felt so supportive and like a tether in the storm that can sometimes be these conditions. My storm is calming, but I find that having this small community keeps me on track, and having someone who deeply understands the process to guide us in a structured way has really deepened, and I think accelerated, my work. I have really benefited from this container and highly recommend it to anyone ready to take their Primal Trust™ work to the next level."

- Anna

"I am really enjoying the group. Niki is kind, compassionate, and patient with all of us. I like that she offers guidance and exercises for us all to do during the group. Niki is knowledgeable about Regulate™, and shares her own experiences, which helps all of us. I feel it is going at a good pace and I am thoroughly enjoying the process. Niki has created a safe space for all of us to learn Regulate™ and how to calm our nervous system. Thank you so much for all your time and knowledge!"

"I was a bit nervous going into this journey group but knew that I was ready to take on Level 2, so I jumped in! I’m so glad I did.Simona is such a bright light, a very calming person, and has the answers to seemingly everything! Such knowledge and experience. She has guided us with love and compassion but I’ve felt challenged in a good way. It’s a lot of material to go through and apply but she has really helped make sense of it all, this being my first time going through. I’m halfway through the journey group and I’ve had some really astounding mental shifts. I have so much more love for myself and my purpose in life just keeps getting clearer and clearer. My capacity to handle difficulty is continuing to get better. I’m so much stronger now! My symptoms continue to improve at a slowish but steady pace and I’ve had at least one instance where I had a sudden big shift in symptoms during this journey group so that’s awesome! I feel like the scales are falling off my eyes in so many ways and I’ve never been so grateful or loved myself like this before. Thanks so much, Simona, for being such a great leader!"

- Brianna

Your Guides:

Simona Irwin

Simona is a Primal Trust™ mentor and teacher, and offers exceptional insights, clarity and guidance through her delivery of the Primal Trust™ material and message. You can read more about Simona on her 1-1 mentor bio page, or head to YouTube where you can listen to her own transformational story and experience of Primal Trust™. 

Watch Interview with Simona & Cathleen King, DPT

Modality Experiences:

  • Primal Trust™ & Regulate, DNRS, "The Dare Response, ERP", "Mind-Body Medicine, TMS", The Work of Byron Katie, HeartMath™, "SmartBody, SmartMind", Mindfulness and Insight Meditation, Shadow work and Integration

Recovery Interests:

  • Those who are parenting while retraining
  • Those who are working or hoping to return to work after a period of burnout or chronic illness
  • Those who are wanting and willing to step out of the anxiety-compulsion fear cycle
  • Those who are actively dedicated to their daily practice
  • Those who want to rebuild a secure attachment with themselves and a higher power

Key health Issues I’ve personally dealt with:

  • Anxiety, Depression, OCD, C-PTSD, Food Intolerance, Pain, POTS-like Symptoms, Memory, and Cognitive Issues, Skin Issues, Workaholism, Perfectionism, Disordered Eating

Niki D'Agostino

Niki is a Primal Trust™ mentor, with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy. She specializes in understanding the mind-body connection, rewiring connections in the brain and guiding others who wish to achieve optimal states of wellness – a journey she experienced herself firsthand. You can read more about Niki on her 1-1 mentor bio page, or head to YouTube where you can listen to her own transformational story and experience of Primal Trust™. 

Watch Interview with Niki & Cathleen King, DPT

Modality Experiences:

  • Master of Science in Physical Therapy, Certification in the Safe and Sound Protocol, Professional Course in Positive Neuroplasticity, Master Series Trauma Workshop with Drs. Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Levine, and Stephen Porges, Annie Hopper’s DNRS, Intensive and Progressive Online Course by Dr. Joe Dispenza (2021)

Recovery Interests:

  • Mind-Body Connection, Limbic System Rewiring
  • Polyvagal Regulation using Safe and Sound Protocol for social engagement 
difficulties, auditory hypersensitivities, anxiety, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depressed mood, mood dysregulation, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), misophonia, motion sickness, auditory processing disorders (APD), sensory processing disorders (SPD), and emotional regulation difficulties.

Key health Issues I’ve personally dealt with:

  • Anxiety, fatigue, depression, food sensitivities, motion sickness, and mold illness/CIRS.