Combining Neuroscience and Consciousness with Community

Find Freedom From Chronic Illness & Trauma

Monthly Membership $96/Month Annual Membership $960/year (save $192)

Brain Retraining + Nervous System Healing + True Self Discovery

Online Membership Platform with Cathleen King, DPT

Level 1

Primal Trust™ Regulate™

Brain and Nervous System Healing Program

Plan on 2-4 Months to Complete 

Modules drip released over 7 weeks


Level 2

Primal Trust™ The Mentorship 

Trauma & Emotional Healing

Plan on 5 months to complete

Must Complete Level 1 first.  No drip release.


Level 3 

Lifestyle Support Groups

Ongoing classes & support

Must complete through class 5 of level 2 first. No drip release.

**All levels video library and live classes included at no additional cost, hundreds of hours of content available immediately!**

Level 1 material is drip released over the span of 7 weeks. Level 1 must be completed before Level 2 can be started. Members must complete through class 5 of Level 2 before Level 3 material becomes accessible.