Annual Subscription - Membership: PRIMAL TRUST™ Academy & Community

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Annual Subscription - Membership: PRIMAL TRUST™ Academy & Community

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Primal Trust Academy and Community ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION
Billed ANNUALLY at US$960.00.



All-Access Membership Includes:

  • Level 1 Course: Regulate™ Brain and Nervous System Regulation Program
    • includes Q&A Recordings
    • *Level 1 Modules 1-7 are released weekly


  • Level 2 2022 comprehensive and 2023 new Simplified Primal Trust™ Mentorship (access after completion of Level 1)
  • Level 3 Advanced Teachings (access after completion of Level 2)
  • Recordings/ video library access- somatics, neuroplasticity, sound healing, more
  • Forum Access
  • Live Q&As, live community classes and more
  • Live Study Group Access

 Live Class times vary between 5am-5pm PST Mon-Fri on zoom.

The course is not just a set of lessons and resources. You also become part of a supportive and enthusiastic community of people just like yourself.

 Billed ANNUALLY at US$960.00. 

Please be sure of your purchase of the Annual Subscription at $960.00 as no refunds will be issued at any time.

Please note that we have a NO REFUND policy for charges already paid to Primal Trust™ Academy and Community.
Any digital product purchased on Primal Trust™  (Create Your Brain State, LLC) is considered a non-refundable item.
The Primal Trust™ membership offers access to all content included on the platform, therefore customers have the ability to access/download all of Dr. Cat’s years of effort and knowledge. Due to this, NO refunds will be issued for any product purchased from Primal Trust™  (Create Your Brain State, LLC).

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